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Table 2 Necessary personal requirements of remission, as selected by physicians and nurses

From: Perception gaps between patients with ulcerative colitis and healthcare professionals: an online survey

Remission requirements (%) Physicians Nurses
Reduced symptoms 36 38
Complete absence of symptoms 63 62
Normalized endoscopy score 50 64
Improved endoscopy score 45 34
Quality of life–normalized 64 62
Quality of life–improved 35 38
Patient appears content with treatment outcome 72 80
No laboratory indicators of inflammation, such as C-reactive protein 69 54
Absence of steroids 60 70
  1. Physicians and nurses were asked, based on their personal definitions, to select the requirements for remission from three paired options (symptoms, endoscopy score, quality of life) and three unpaired options. Respondents could only select one option for each of the paired options, but could also select any or none of the remaining three options.